What do you prefer for your kids?

Do you hand over your mobile phones to your kids so that they don’t disturb you and let you do your work? Do you think that it is good for them? If you haven’t noticed this yet, then your kid is in danger zone. You need to give a serious thought about this now.

Do you use your mobile phone every-time when you are free? first 3 years is the age when children use to learn by observing, and just give a look to what your kid is observing. Yes, you ought to do this. Because this is the high time, if you can’t stop them now, then you can never.

Yes, they find mobile phones more attractive than anything else but they need is, your time, not the time pass. You need to show them the beautiful world outside the phones. Just spend some time with your kids, play with them, introduce them with the toys and outdoor games instead of mobile phones. Their future is in your hands.

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